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Cyber War Warnings

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Cyber War Warnings

This is a very strange headline to write.  In addition to the devastating images on the news, there is also cyber warfare happening between Russia and Ukraine, and among those involved militarily, politically, socially, or financially.

We’re fielding requests and questions from our customers and thought a few notes around this may be useful.

  1. Nation states are regularly engaged in cyber warfare.  This is not new.
  2. Are the stakes of this particular conflict bigger and thus attackers are more bold and destructive?  The data shows attacks are increasing.
  3. People and organizations with a direct tie to the conflict should definitely be in action on security.  Direct attacks on resources like the power grid, financial systems, and transportation impact everyone.   
  4. If you’ve been in action on your cyber security plan and fully tested and inspected your DR plan, then you are likely going to be about as well protected as you can be.  This threat is not necessarily different than all the other threats we’ve warned you about including ransomware.
  5. Make sure you have cyber insurance.  And I’ve heard questions on cyber insurance not paying out because the attacks fall under the act of war exclusions.  Call your agent.
  6. If you haven’t been in action around your cyber security plan, then you likely have some exposure to this and any number of other disaster scenarios.  As always, our recommendation is let’s talk!

Please feel free to reach back with any questions or considerations.  If you’ve been resisting security initiatives, today is a great day to start!